Elevate Your Operations with DL-DB End Suction Pumps

When it comes to reliable, locally manufactured Centrifugal End Suction Pumps adhering to DIN Standard 24255, look no further than our DL-DB Range. These high-performing pumps are the go-to choice for various industries and applications, capable of delivering exceptional performance in a wide range of conditions.

Key Features of DL-DB End Suction Pumps:

  1. Impressive Flow and Head Capacity: The DL-DB Range is engineered to provide outstanding flow capacity, with the ability to produce flows of up to 500 cubic meters per hour. Moreover, these pumps can achieve heads of up to 100 meters, making them suitable for a multitude of tasks, from general industrial to more specialized applications.

  2. Temperature Versatility: Our DL-DB pumps are designed to withstand a broad temperature range, from -10°C to 105°C. This adaptability ensures they can thrive in various environmental conditions.

  3. Robust Construction Materials: We take pride in the quality of materials used in our pump construction. The DL-DB Range offers options in materials, including Cast Iron / Cast Iron, Cast Iron / Bronze, and Stainless Steel / Stainless Steel, allowing you to select the most suitable material for your specific application.

  4. Sealing Options: We offer versatility in sealing solutions. Choose between traditional gland packing or advanced mechanical seals, tailored to meet the demands of your operation.

  5. Grease Lubricated Bearings: The DL-DB Range comes standard with grease lubricated bearings, ensuring smooth and reliable pump operation.

Standard Arrangements:

Our Centrifugal End Suction Pumps are available in the following standard arrangements:

The DL-DB Range excels in a multitude of scenarios, offering versatility and robust performance. Whether you need to handle higher heads or work with lower flow rates, these pumps deliver top-tier results.

In addition to the DL-DB Range, we also offer the TE-3MS-MD multistage pump. This unique pump provides 87.0 feet of maximum head, making it a standout choice for applications that require higher head capacity while maintaining lower flow rates.

For your pump needs, trust in the excellence and quality of DL-DB End Suction Pumps. Contact us today to explore how our reliable and adaptable solutions can elevate your operations. Your success is our priority, and we're here to provide the ideal pumping solutions for your unique requirements.

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