Mining Pumps

CURO PUMPS have a wealth of experience providing support to the mining sector with the toughest, longest wearing pumping solutions from world-class technologies sourced from around the globe.

Not all tasks requiring a mining pump are the same. Assessing the primary purpose ensures you have the right pump for the task at hand. Some common challenges that come up in the mining industry are that pumps will need to be capable of handling highly corrosive liquids and abrasive mixtures, and high-density liquids containing solid minerals.

Our pumping equipment selection is able to handle a variety of mining applications. Our helpful team are available to discuss your site, the purpose of use and ensure we have all of the information relevant to assist you in finding the correct pumping solution for your site.

Mining Pumps refer to the types of pumps required as part of the mining process. Slurry pumps, centrifugal pumps, magnetic drive pumps, submersible pumps, borehole pumps and diaphragm pumps are all used in the mining industry, depending on the fluid transfer and application needed. Mining pumps work for abrasive sludge dewatering, mineral processing, slurry transfer, reagent (acid and chemical) dosing, water supply and boosting, and waste water and tailing transfer.

What are pumps used for?

Pumps are capital items used in a productive or extractive process, or as part of the services infrastructure in a mining facility.

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