Multi-Stage Pumps

These locally manufactured multi-stage pumps are designed and built with materials suitable for most high-pressure applications.

The multi-stage pump range consists of the LTF and LTS models, all available in different sizes of inlet and outlet ports with a variable number of stages.

Typically, LFT models are used when direct coupling to 3-phase motors with 2-pole motor speed (approx. 2960 rpm) is required, and LTS models are used when direct coupling to 3-phase -Motors running with 2-pole motor speed (approx. 2960 rpm) require 4-pole motor speed (approx. 1480 rpm).

However, both multi-stage pump models are also suitable for operation at other speeds, e.g.when directly coupled to diesel engines or when driven by reduction gears.

The LTF and LTS models are designed for delivery heads from approx. 40 m to 700 m and flow rates from 2 l/s to 250 l/s.

These high-pressure horizontal centrifugal pumps or multi-stage pumps have a multi-ring section design. All pumps consist of any number of stages attached between the suction cover and discharge cover by body bolting. The housing parts are sealed with O-rings. The pump rotates clockwise when viewed from the drive end.

What is a Multi-stage Pump?

Multi-stage pumps are centrifugal pumps in which the pumped medium flows through several impellers arranged one behind the other. This is the opposite of a single stage pump which has only one impeller. The more stages the pump has, the higher the final delivery pressure.

Multi-stage chemical pumps are unique in that they can produce progressively higher pressures with the addition of each stage, while always maintaining a constant flow rate for a given speed.

What is a multi-stage pump used for?

Multistage Pump TE-3MS-MD Multistage pumps offer engineers a flexible flow and head range and a high level of energy efficiency. For these reasons, multistage pumps are an excellent choice for many applications.

March Pump offers a multi-stage pump, the TE-3MS-MD, suitable for various industrial environments. It is made of Polypropylene plastic, which can handle different chemicals better compared to 316SS. The pump is suitable for chemical circulation, chemical transfer and deionized water systems.Its unique multi-level design makes it perfect for larger heads. Capable of handling lower flow rates, the TE-3MS-MD multistage pump remains unique in that it offers a maximum head of 
87.0 FT.

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